e.com phone server a little more detail

e.com phone server

Carrier grade PBX e.com phone server

SIP PBX with excellent scalability, automatic fail-over, containing internal postpaid/prepaid billing, including support for multiple outgoing calls attributed to the one user account. It contains all the necessary features such as automatic support for devices behind NAT, routing according to NRN (emergency calls), arbitrarily control of outbound identification, call forwarding, complete system control via SOAP, sending CDR to remote server, and so on.

The total capacity of the PBX may reach hundreds of thousands to millions of users and process tens of thousands of registrations and many hundreds of calls per second. Number of concurrent calls is almost unlimited.

Displayed nodes can be both stand-alone servers and just processes within a single machine, or vice versa clusters composed of many physical machines.


  • Flexible routing
  • NRN
  • Video support
  • Messaging support
  • CW
  • DND
  • ICB / OCB
  • Ringing timer
  • CFU
  • CDR (+ client / server)
  • Billing, Prepaid / Postpaid
  • Call history / debug info
  • Admin Access List


  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to e-mail
  • Faxbox
  • Faxbox e-mailem
  • Missed calls to e-mail
  • Call transfer
  • Music on Hold
  • Click2Call
  • Call recording
  • CLIP rewrite by caller / callee
  • RTP transcoding
  • DTMF transcoding
  • Presence support
  • Information IVR
  • Vertical codes
  • www gui (optional)

System requirements

For e.com phone server operation is suitable any Ethernet network with a minimum speed of 100 Mb/s. To seamless integration ensure respective Ethernet connection at the installation site, Internet access and static public IPv4 address (optionally IPv6 too).
Will suit virtually any server with x86_64 compatible with at least dual-core processor clocked at 1 GHz and above with at least 2 GiB RAM. With the appropriate configuration we will be happy to assist you.

e.com phone server sip statistics

SIP statistics

e.com phone server sip registers

SIP registers

e.com phone server sip dump

SIP dump

e.com phone server customer diagnostic

Customer diagnostic

e.com phone server soap server gui

SOAP server gui

e.com phone server routing


e.com phone server users management

Users management

e.com phone server configuration

Server configuration