Unified Communications AG

Professional telecommunications

The Unified Communications AG company develops and delivers software for telecommunications and is involved in complex supply of communications equipment as well as a system integrator.
The main products are both end user and carrier grade telephone exchanges including virtualization (as service) and the necessary supporting equipment such as special transit exchanges and automatic testers.

And something more

By principle UCAG company has extensive experience in building and operating the network, telephone and VoIP infrastructure and would love to share them. In the same way it can offer specialist for the development of custom solutions for specific call center or similar environment. It offers assistance in optimization of internal voice communications, with links to the outside, from design through implementation to testing and training of system administrators.

Unified Communications AG

If you have any questions or you want to look at some of the equipment in use, do not hesitate to contact us! We like to discuss everything and find solutions. It's our job…